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Orosei cushion


The Orosei pillow has a velvety touch and an intriguing texture that can be inserted in any context, thanks to its uniqueness.

Extremely soft and luxurious, Orosei stands out as one of the most particular and appreciated pillows of the collection.






In stock

In stock


Orosei was born without shyness, at first glance you understand that it is a pillow with a strong personality and great ambitions.

The “icy” coloring is combined with an unusual, particular and studied in detail so as not to be easily forgotten.

Unique design pillow

Impossible to frame from the point of view of the Orosei style, it is not in its nature to be labeled.

He stands out from everyone, in no uncertain terms, but he loves himself for this very reason.

Never excessive, it does not clash in any color. Although its color tends to be cold, it reflects all lights beautifully and manages to integrate incredibly well even with warmer tones, such as brown or red.

The inspiration

Anyone who has visited the wonderful Orosei , in Sardinian land, will know how the coasts of this small town are unique, breathtaking.

The crystalline sea inspired the texture and color of the cushion, which like the splendid gulfs remains hidden at first, but once you notice it, you can’t stop looking at it.

After an evening of fun, there would be nothing better than a nice coffee when you wake up, with Orosei calling us for a little relaxation on a comfortable sofa at dawn.

Tissue Care

For a proper preservation of the product, to maintain intact quality and finishes of the fabrics follow carefully instructions on the label of each product.

Cotton, Polyester and Polycotone have different properties and each of these fabrics needs specific washing and care.


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